Steve Rodman is a dynamic artist, whose eclectic music encompasses many genres and influences. From folk to rock to oldies to blues, he has several influences upon his own unique songwriting. Born and bred in Danville, IL, Steve has been known for his national tributes to John Denver and Dan Fogelberg, as well as performing at charity shows and festival stages.

Most recently, however, he has gained a large following for his uplifting, heart-filled album, brimming with entirely original songs that invite you to listen again and again. He gives tremendous credit to his band, who have supported him throughout the process and bring talents of their own to his vision. The respect they all have for each other on-stage is palpable from the first chord.

Steve feels honored to share his passionate talent with those who also love unique tunes that fill the soul. His inviting music is a crowd-favorite, with people dancing and singing along, happy to be a part of the positive artistic experience he brings to each of his shows. 

With eternal gratitude for those who bless him with their own contributions to his musical career, Peace!


Musical "Partners"

Jeremy Harper - Guitars

Stephen  Johnson - Drums

Tom Grassman - Guitars

Micheal "Guido" Esteves - Bass

David Hardy - Keys / Synths

Chris Taylor - Guitars

Danny Applegate - Percussion

Jenny Carpenter - Backup Vocals 

Lydia Campbell

Shawn Farman - Guitars

Jordan Cundiff - SCP

Upcoming Events
Rodman Rail - Fischer Theatre
Fischer Theatre

Direct Contact: Steve Rodman


Booking: Jordan Cundiff @ SCP


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